Car repair in Budoni

Here at Pit Stop Scanu, we undertake the repair of cars and heavier vehicles such as those used for farming. We have a competent system in place through which we can pick up the vehicle involved in an accident or is malfunctioning, directly from the place where the incident took place. We offer a complete recovery and repair service.

Advanced services

Our workshop specializes in vehicle bodywork and provides comprehensive services in this field. In fact, we offer the possibility of water-based coating, we have a mixing machine with all types of paint available and, above all, we use cutting-edge technologies for these services. We have a bench to put the template crashed cars and we also engaged in the repair of machines and agricultural vehicles.
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Quality parts

We offer spare parts, both new and used, depending on the model and the customer requirement. Our goal is to provide you top-notch, long lasting services and to complete your work as quickly as possible for the least possible inconvenience to you.
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Courtesy Car

One of our services that we wish to highlight is the availability of our tow truck. in case of an accident, you can contact us and we will immediately come over to recover the vehicle. In the event that the recovery service should last a long time due to serious damage, we offer you a replacement car so that you do not have transport issues till your your vehicle is back in order.

For information or a quotation please contact us at 0784 844497

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