Vehicles cleaning in Budoni

If you wish to take care of the aesthetics of your vehicle,bring them to Pit Stop Scanu in Budoni! Our workshop provides services in this field as well, taking complete care of the cleanliness of the interiors and exteriors of vehicles in a professional and thorough manner.

Hand washing

We offer a hand car wash service using all the necessary products, cleaning both the interior and exterior of your car. We have advanced machinery that allows us to work on different types of materials providing the best treatment to your vehicle.
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Car cleaning

Our skilled team of employees can clean your car, inside out in as less as an hour! We also take care of the total disinfection of the interiors of your car to make it look brand new. We are very careful that we carry out these operations with hand washing since washing with brushes could ruin the paint of your car. Moreover, hand washing can better take care of every angle of the vehicle.
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Accessories and fragrances

We have for sale some special scents and products for disinfecting your car interiors and deep cleaning of the exterior. All our staff is very hands on and polite. They are well informed and also advise you on which products you should use to keep your car in good shape.

To book a wash, call us on 0784 844497

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