Car and scooter

Cars & scooters in Budoni

Pit Stop Scanu, Budoni deals especially in cars and scooters. It is an ideal way for tourists wanting to move around freely to experience the splendid beauty of Sardinia. Renting a vehicle from Pit Stop Scanu means a comfortable and efficient ride!

Car & scooter rentals

Pit stop Scanu offers car & scooter rentals in Budoni. You can rent both with a driver's license B. However, if you require a larger displacement scooter of 125 cc there is no need of specific driving license A. Our fleet of cars is renewed in entirety every year, because we want to offer our customers a vehicle that is always comfortable, equipped and efficient.
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How to rent our vehicles

As for the payment, a deposit in advance is required and the final balance is adjusted at the time of return of the vehicle. Our cars are delivered with full fuel and therefore we ask our customers to deliver them back in the same condition. For long term rentals we offer the choice of having the tire changed at no additional cost and other discounts and promotions for the maintenance of your vehicle.
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Scooter service

Another service we offer is scooter rentals - comfortable and useful to explore our beautiful island. In this case, if you have a B license, you can rent a vehicle with maximum 125 cc with two people on board. Should you need a more powerful scooter, given the rules of law, you are required to have license A. Again, our vehicles are delivered with a full tank and must be returned in the same state.

For more information on car rentals,
call us: +39 0784 844497!

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