Vehicle & tire service in Budoni

Pit Stop Scanu, Budoni is located between San Teodoro, Posada and Torpoint. It boasts of 40 years of service experience in the automotive industry, specifically in the auto repair sector. Our main objective is to provide satisfactory services to our customers and to keep improving our services with time. Recently, we expanded our offerings to include car service tools for roadside assistance.

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Cars and Scooters

We provide cars & scooters on rent. Our fleet of vehicles is periodically renewed in order to offer our customers the best cars and the best scooters available at the time. To get started with the car rental, we require you to pay a deposit only; the final balance is adjusted against delivery of the vehicle. We provide all our vehicles with a full fuel tank and requires the customer to refill before returning it. The same instructions apply to our motorcycles rentals as well, without prejudice to the statutory obligations which include: Driving scooters with a maximum engine capacity of 125
Maintaining a maximum limit of 2 people per scooter
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Tire repair

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We offer various services for your car tires. We deal with convergence, balancing of wheels and tires for trucks and tractors. We handle tires for all seasons - the ones for snow, summer and winter.We stock tires from reputed brands including Pirelli and Driver. In case you're looking at a long-term lease option, we offer a tire change included price.
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Auto Repair

Being experts in the field of auto repair, we offer multiple services in this field. We carry out painting with water-based paints with various types of pigmentation. Additionally, we provide a replacement for your damaged auto parts with new or used spare parts depending on the needs of the customer and the vehicle in question. In the case of long-term interventions, we offer the choice of a replacement car.
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Auto Audit Center

Pit Stop Scanu is an auto audit center authorized by the Ministry of Transport. We carry out audits for both cars and motorcycles. We also do motorcycle inspections. It's a comprehensive procedure in itself, usually taking 20 to 30 minutes for each car or motorcycle.
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At Pit Stop Scanu, we check and treat your vehicle not only for efficiency but also for aesthetics and hygiene. We can wash your car or bike and get them back their shine brand-new look in a jiffy. Driving a clean and fresh ride may  seem like a small detail, but there's no denying it increases the driving pleasure double fold.
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Contact us on 0784 844497 for more information about our services!

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